21 Sep '14

Volunteer for the Unity Centre

The Unity Centre is entirely run by volunteers! There are so many ways to get involved with Unity.

You can apply to work at the Unity Centre by coming in to fill out a form. The Unity Centre Collective will invite all applicants to a training session. Training sessions take place once every 3 months, usually in an evening. We provide bus pass money for anyone requiring it. The training is mandatory for all new volunteers, and all existing volunteers! After the training session, new volunteers are paired up with a ‘buddy’ from the Unity Centre Collective so that you can talk with them about any difficulties, worries, questions or feedback you have for the Collective about how to making working at the Unity Centre work for you.

We are also always, always in need of volunteer translators for every language, but especially:

Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, Farsi, Hindi, Italian, Kibajuni, Lithuanian, Punjabi, Pushto, Sorani, Tamil, Tigre, Urdu and Vietnamese

Translators make things possible for the Unity Centre and are a major part of the Unity team. Call us or email if you can offer to help!

Tel: 01414277992

Email: [email protected]