7 Mar '16

Support us!


The Unity Centre is an organisation than has been run completely by volunteers since it began 11 years ago, with an office open 5 days a week and a 24hr phoneline. We consciously receive no public or government funding, and are entirely dependent on donations from our supporters. No-one working in the centre is paid and we do all that we can to keep costs as low as possible. Almost all the equipment, computers, desks and chairs that we use in the centre were donated by friends and supporters.

Or if you prefer, here are our bank details


If you have always wanted to get involved in Unity, but can’t come into the office or you don’t want to do casework, you can help out in other ways:

Make Some Banners! Our banner supply is running very low (excessive losses/wear and tear)
and could do with replenishing, some general ones for use against Detention, Immigration Raids, Deportations, Charter Flights would be very welcome. We can provide words if needed.

We need a website person! If anyone around is good with wordpress.org and would be up for spending time helping one or two of us updating our website, it would be appreciated. We are struggling quite a lot with maintaining it at the moment. This could also be someone that isn’t based in Glasgow.

General I.T. and tech support: We have a number of computers and fax/printers/scanners that are used daily and are vital to our work. Anyone willing to be on-call I.T. and tech support, could save us money and time.

Fundraising: We rely exist almost exclusively on people donating us money and we can always use help with this. Organising fundraising parties or clothes swaps or you can always do a mad sporting event to raise us money. It would be great to avoid another last minute call-out for funds.

Getting new t-shirts/patches/badges/stickers printed: It is a nice way to make a little bit of money.

Helping with our accounts: We don’t currently have anyone to help us with this and we are struggling to keep on top of it. It would be quite a big job, but we would be eternally grateful to anyone wiling to take this on.

Helping with office admin: Keeping the centre open requires a large amount of work keeping on top of bills, extortionate phone charges, getting the bins collected and having a functioning filing system. Not glamorous, but fundamental for us staying open.

Sprucing up the front of the office: Anyone who has been passed the centre in the last few months/year might have noticed we have been calling ourselves the Uni Y Centre
for a while! We have a replacement “T” for our beautiful office sign, but very little time to reattach it. So if anyone has time to come to Unity and getting hands stuck in to do a touch up the front of the office- maybe a new lick of paint also wouldn’t go amiss- that would be fantastic.

If you are interested in helping us with any of these jobs, or if you have an idea for other things that you could help us out with! Then please get in touch at info [@] unitycentreglasgow.org