Zacharie MUST STAY!

Emeregency Phone Block to STOP forced removal of Paraolympic coach Zacharie Ayard-Nzapadjiman

TEMPLATE LETTER HERE: Zacharie Airline Letter

UPDATE – Lawyers and mental health professionals are taking action for Zacharie to cancel this removal. Legal Aid funding has been approved to petition the court and continue with this asylum case if flight is successfully cancelled based on the advice of an advocate determining merit to the case. Mental Health professionals have provided supporting letters confirming Zacharie is a torture survivor and suffers from PTSD. With treatment and support he has shown progress towards managing his mental health issues and continued treatment is vital. Please continue to inform Royal Air Maroc of this situation and the seriousness of their compliance!

Zacharie was detained less than two weeks ago and was given removal directions for the 9th of June two days after being detained (flights AT801 & AT285 operated by Royal Air Maroc). Zacharie was represented by a private lawyer in England who should have challenged that Zacharie’s case was certified at the end of March, however, due to lacking funds no action was taken. Furthermore, communication of this fact was not made because this representative did not use French translators to communicate with Zacharie. Zacharie has serious mental health issues and is supported by a number of charities and support services in Bradford who are extremely concerned about his well-being and safety. He has been detained in Dungavel in Scotland and ripped from this support network. We are calling out to you to take immediate action to STOP this planned removal by contacting Air Maroc and explaining why Zacharie CANNOT be forcibly removed to Central African Republic (CAR) tomorrow. Legal action is also being taken yet time is very limited and this may not be enough to stop this rushed removal. We feel the Home Office are aware of the strength of Zacharie’s asylum claim which is why they are rushing his removal and isolating him.

Zacharie’s Asylum Claim
Before arriving in the UK for the Paraolympics, Zacharie was in hiding following a political demonstration against the previous leader of CAR. During this demontration a group of protesters including Zacharie were involved in destroying a statue and this led to many of them being arrested. Zacharie was locked up and later taken to an isolated area, beaten and left for dead. He was found and taken to hospital and once he woke up he was smuggled out of the hospital by family members. Zacharie went into hiding so that it was not discovered that he had survived.

Zacharie’s colleague began looking for him as the Paraolympics approached shortly after this. Zacharie’s passport and visa was with this colleague as travel arrangements for the team had been finalised. Zacharie’s family would not give this colleague any information of his whereabouts at first yet his mother eventually opened up. His colleague was sympathetic yet Zacharie needed to go to the UK for his coaching responsibilities. Zacharie complied and immediately following the Paraolympics he claimed asylum in Croydon.

Zacharie has been in the immigration system since this time, he has not absconded and has met his reporting requirements without fail. The Home Office refuse to believe Zacharie’s recount of events despite large amounts of information from the UN about political disappearances in the CAR. Now that the CAR government has changed the Home Office claim that Zacharie would be safe. This is not the case as political supporters of the previous government are still numerous and maintain social and political powers.

The Home Office also claim that Zacharie should have claimed asylum in another country during his coaching career. This is simply one of their repeated lines and indicates how little consideration is given to individual cases and timelines. Zacharie did not need to claim asylum at another athletic tournament because he had not yet been arrested and left for dead at these times. Zacharie had an excellent job and family life in CAR he would not be here claiming asylum if he didn’t need protection!!! The Home Office once again reveal their racist agenda and lacking consideration for individuals and their lives.

Actions to take

PLease call Royal Air Maric and exlain to them why they should refuse to take Zacharie to CAR via their services. Some key points to make relate to them being complicit in Human Rights Abuses and the racist Home Office agenda simply to increase their profit margins. Also having detainees with security personnel damages their reputation to other passengers who may choose alternative service providers in the future. Most importantly, Zacharie’s life is hugely at risk if returned and because of this he is suffering mentally and is not in a state to fly on any account nor should he be forced to return to certain danger.

In all correspondence please include Zacharie’s full name, Home Office Reference and Flight Details – Zacharie Ayard-Nzapadjiman, Home Office Reference: A1812730, Flight No, AT801 & AT285.

TEMPLATE LETTER Zacharie Airline Letter

Royal Air Maroc Contact Details
Phone: 020 730 758 00 (UK call centre)
Twitter: @RAM_Maroc
Facebook: Royal Air Maroc Facebook

NOTE: The pilot of any airline has the legal power to refuse to fly any passenger they choose and this legal power is what we are relying on to prevent Zacharie’s forced removal from the UK – this can be mentioned in correspondence and on the phone.


As always thanks for the support with these appeals! They really do make a huge difference, they can stop flights and they also show that the public is aware of what the Home Office are putting people through.


TEMPLATE LETTER Zacharie Airline Letter