Welcome to the Country of Human Rights

The Home Office spent £8,895.27 on charter flights in 2017 and 49.5% of those removed were from European countries.

I am wondering every single day if we are living in the country of HUMAN RIGHTS that I believed the UK to be since I was a child.

How can a country that is supposed to be a country of human rights spend a huge amount of about £5,345.56 to deport or remove each single person who is seeking protection?

Children across the UK are suffering from years of education cuts and teacher shortages, but instead of spending money on education, the government finds that is more urgent to spend huge sums of money to deport people who are desperately seeking Humanitarian protection.

How can we call this type of act if it is not RACISM?

The NHS is in crisis for lack of money while a huge budget is allocated by the Home Office for charter flights.

Although the prime minister of the UK says that she will pour £384 million per week into the NHS after Brexit, one question remains: who will pay taxes to cover these expenses?  Will it be people who can afford it, or people who are struggling to survive?