Our friend Vivian Anyigbo is set to be forcibly removed tomorrow at 22:30hrs via Virgin Atlantic flight VS651 to Lagos, Nigeria despite legal representations being made. Removing someone with an ongoing case is UNLAWFUL!


Vivian cannot be forcibly removed from the UK, her life is here. She is married here and simply wants to remain with her husband who has legal status in the UK, have children and a settled life.

She also has a lot of family in the UK who are concerned about her while she is in detention and believe she should not be detained because of the serious deterioration she has suffered since being detained. Her sister says she is a ‘shadow of her old self’.

There are reasons that Vivian cannot return to Nigeria but this information cannot be disclosed as it is very personal. She also has a very serious medical condition that is not being treated in Yarlswood Detention Centre. She is on regular medication that is not being issued at present despite this being told to the immigration officers that detained her.

Vivian has been pursuing her right to stay in the UK. She has, however, been poorly represented by private solicitors in the past. This issue is far too common and worrying, individuals taking steps to regularise their stay and being detained and penalised due to lawyers’ mistakes. It is not ok for cases to be handled poorly when they involve individuals lives!

Vivian’s family have come together to pay another solicitor since she has been detained who has put in fresh representations. As these have been lodged her flight cannot go ahead lawfully. It is imperative that we communicate this to Virgin Airlines to inform them of this and urge them not to take her on their flight. If this removal is attempted it will be completely unlawful and up until now the flight is still set to be going ahead.

Please quote Vivian Anyigbo’s full name, Home Office reference (A1875431) and Flight Number (VS651) in all correspondence.


Phone: 0344 8110 000 (HQ)
0344 209 7777 (Reservations)
0344 209 7770 (Flight Info)

General Enquiry Form: enquiries.html


Twitter: @VirginAtlantic

Legislation dictates that the pilot of a flight can refuse to carry any passenger. This is what we are asking that the airline use to ensure Vivian is not removed tomorrow. We also want them to know that they should not be involved in removing individual by force from the UK and complying with the broken immigration system continuing to run inefficiently and often unlawfully in the UK.