Hazim Mohammed was told today that he will be forcibly removed tomorrow at 11.30am Thursday 7 July to Sudan where he faces imprisonment, torture and death. Act now!

Hazim and his family are refugees from Sudan. The abuses by the Sudanese government against its own population are well documented with President Omar al-Bashir and other members of government wanted by the International Criminal Court for acts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Yet the family’s asylum in the UK has been refused. Three weeks ago the UK attempted to deport Hazim to Sudan, during the deportation the private security enforcing his deportation brutally handcuffed him, pushed him to the ground and bound his legs and then carried him on a Qatar airways flight. Supporters and his family went to the airport, spoke to passengers and managed to get a message to the pilot, who at the last minute refused to fly Hazim. Now he faces the same brutal forced deportation again, this time through Turkish Airlines.

Support Hazim refuse forcible removal from his family and friends and life in the UK and contact Turkish Airlines through as many channels as possible and demand they cancel his flight immediately and do not be complicit in Hazim’s deportation!! Three weeks ago Qatar airlines refused to fly Hazim, Turkish Airlines can do the same!!

His flight is set for TOMORROW at 11.30am (07/07/16) from Heathrow airport, terminal 2, on Turkish Airlines flight TK1980 via Istanbul.

Take action now!

Contact Turkish Airlines- Ask that they refuse to fly Hazim to his death.

Phone: 0844 800 6666 (Heathrow Office)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turkishairlines
Twitter: https://twitter.com/turkishairlines

When calling the Turkish airline please quote his full name: Hazim Mohammed, HO ref: M1455358 and flight numbers TK1980 to Khartoum via Istanbul on all correspondence.

Hazim Mohammed is a young man from Sudan who fled with his mum and now 16 year old brother, who both remain in the UK. If removed to Sudan he will be separated from his family and is at serious risk of immediate imprisonment and torture or murder by the Sudanese regime.

Before they left Sudan his father was taken by the regime and has been missing now for 8 years, his family don’t know where he is or if he’s alive. Hazim has a police order by the Sudanese authorities out against him and he believes if he is returned they will imprison or kill him.

**NOTE: The pilot of any airline has the legal power to refuse to fly any passenger they choose and this legal power is what we are relying on to prevent Hazim’s forced removal from the UK – this can be mentioned in correspondence and on the phone. Let the airline know that Hazim has PTSD and there are serious health concerns serious health concerns if he is put on the flight. We want them to know that they should not be involved in removing individuals by force from the UK.**

What you should know:

* Qatar Airways were responsible for the death of Jackie Nanyonjo after she was deported by the Home Office and physically assaulted by security guards and later died in Uganda from her injuries.  She was so badly beaten by Tascor guards before and during the flight that she was coughing up blood when she arrived in Uganda, developed Pneumonia and died within a few weeks.

* In 2010 Jimmy Mubenga, father of 5 children , was killed after being forcefully retrained by security guards during a deportation on a British Airways commercial flight from Heathrow Airport. He was restrained by G4S escorts on the flight and died from asphyxia. After an investigation, the coroners report found ‘endemic racism’ amongst escorts, which included over 70 racist text messages on the phone of the escort who killed Jimmy Mubenga https://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/clare-sambrook/racist-texts-what-mubenga-trial-jury-was-not-told

* A Sudanese man, Aamir Ageeb, was smothered to death by security guards when he resisted being deported from Germany on Lufthansa flight back to Sudan, a country where he had risked his life to escape. After Aamir was killed, Lufthansa AG publicly declared that they will no longer conduct deportations on their flights against the obvious resistance of the deportees.

* Here is a list by the Institute of Race Relations for more examples of deaths as a result of forced deportations : http://www.irr.org.uk/news/another-deportation-death-in-europe/

* Due to many complaints and campaigns about forcable deportations some airlines, such as Lufthansa and KLM, have made public statements that they are not willing to transport people against their will anymore.

* Other airlines, such as Kenya Airways, Air China and Air France, have taken people off flights before because the pilot has taken the view that they will not carry someone who does not want to travel, or that someone being taken against their will could put the flight in danger.

* If you are on a flight when someone is being forcibility removed you can make people aware that a person is being forced against their will and it must be stopped! You DO have the power to help this person!