Stop Mass removal of Nigerians via Virgin Atlantic Flight 651


Nigerians currently held in immigration detention centres across the UK are facing another attempt at removal after failed attempts at removal by the UK Home Office via chartered flight run by Titan Airways on the 28th of July 2015. The commercial flight leaving at 22:30hrs tomorrow Flight number VS651 is set to remove numerous Nigerians from the UK including individuals with partners, children and extended families. Detainees set for removal were not placed on the chartered flight as they had ongoing immigration applications and appeals yet the Home Office is just attempting a new tactic.

It has been revealed that the Home Office target certain nationalities through the use of chartered flights. It may be that this new tactic of booking numerous detainees on a commercial flight to Nigeria is a way of trying to steer away from this accusation. However, this action just two weeks after the charter flight CONFIRMS the target of Nigerians.

We are calling on supporters to act immediately to oppose this racist practice by contacting Virgin Atlantic today and tomorrow to let them know of this racist agenda their company is complicit to. When contacting it can be explained that the pilot of any aircraft has the legal right to refuse to carry any passenger and we want this right to be used in this instance for ALL FORCED REMOVALS on board. It is damaging to a companies reputation to be involved in forced removals and suggests that companies like Virgin Atlantic who comply with forced removals are simply thinking of their own profit with complete disregard for Human Rights. They are enabling individuals with families and lives in the UK to be removed by force. Instances of violence and restraints are not uncommon on board flights containing forced removals and airlines are well aware of this. Furthermore, deaths have also occurred.

The men we know of on board will leave behind wives, partners and children. They express extreme amounts of guilt at leaving at a time when their partners need them as some are currently pregnant. Women are going to be forced into becoming single mothers and children will grow up without knowing their fathers. The deport now appeal later logic is being used another tactic the Home Office is going to increase use of in the near future to apply to ALL immigration cases not just criminal deportation cases.

We must act, there are already too little rights of migrants in the UK.

Please call, tweet, facebook, fax, email Virgin Atlantic NOW.



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