Urgent Action needed to STOP forced removal of Somali National Tuesday 3rd June

We need your support and help to stop the UK Home Office practice of forcibly removing Somali Nationals to Mogadishu.

stop somali removals portrait 600x1200 (2)The next known removal of a Somali national is on Tuesday 3rd June 2014. He is anxiously awaiting this date, detained in Dover Immigration Removal centre. This will be the second attempt to remove this particular individual who earlier this year was handcuffed and forcibly taken as far as Istanbul before legal action resulted in the detainee being returned to the UK and released from immigration detention. However, just a short few months later he was again detained when reporting at his local Home Office reporting centre.

An individual returned to Mogadishu two weeks ago reports ill-treatment during return via Turkish Airlines Flight TK1988 on 3rd May. Turkish Airlines denies any disturbing behaviour on board the flight where three escorts forcibly removed the Somali national. Full story published by AlJazeera ”UK Asylum Seeker claims harrowing deportation”

Recent changes to the UK Home Office operational guidance notes in April this year have enabled returns to Mogadishu to go ahead despite objective evidence stating such returns are simply too dangerous. Refugee Action who run the Choices assisted voluntary return program (AVR) reports that the very areas where HO policy enables returns to Somalia to occur are the only places where AVR is not available.

For full details of risks upon return and changes to UK Home Office policy see PRESS RELEASE Dangerous deportations to Mogadishu Continue

A Country Guidance case outlining issues of returns to Somalia is believed to be ongoing and campaigners, including The Unity Centre and Stop Somali Removals Campaign call for an immediate halt to forced removals to Mogadishu in the meantime. We also call for an investigation into ill-treatment of returnees to Mogadishu.

Actions needed NOW to STOP the forced removal of Somali National this Tuesday 3rd June – Turkish Airlines need to be made aware that we simply oppose the practice of returning individuals to Somalia as IT IS NOT SAFE!

Please take immediate action by contacting Turkish Airways – please politely explain that a friend of yours is set to be forcibly removed from London to Mogadishu via flight TK1980 at 11:25am on 3rd June. Explain that his life is in risk because of the deteriorating situation in Somalia and discuss that authorities in other countries have halted this practice, including Canada. You can also mention that it is not Turkish Airlines role to be complicit in these types of forced removals, and as the only current airline that flies to Somalia they are in a position to make a real difference to this inhumane practice by refusing to take passengers.

PhoneCall center: 0844 800 6666
Heathrow Office: 0844 375 4254

Fax: 0207 3483867
Email: info-uk@thy.com

Tweet: @TurkishAirlines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turkishairlinesUK

TEMPLATE LETTER: Turkish Airlines Template Letter

Your calls and support are greatly, greatly appreciated.


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