Stop the Removal of Peter Chisoko

Peter Chisoko has been living in the UK since he was 11 years old with all of his immediate family. He lives with them, helps his sister with her schoolwork, helps care for his grandmother every day, and has a partner here. His mother died while in the UK and he goes with his family every year to visit her grave. This year he was not able to keep this tradition because he was held in immigration detention.

Peter does not meet the threshold for an automatic out-of-country appeal (where he isn’t allowed to appeal his case in the UK, but removed first and then supposed to appeal from Zambia). He will not realistically be able to make that appeal – he will be destitute if he is sent to Zambia, where he has no family or place to live, won’t be able to get a lawyer, and whats more he is expected to navigate this country that he hasn’t been to since he was 11 years old. Peter should have the right to a legal appeal while in the UK for a number of reasons including the fact that he has been here for more than half his life, has a partner, immediate family and extended support networks here. He will have none of this in Zambia, not even a bed to sleep in.

The Home Office has been pushing the shocking policy of Remove-Now-Appeal-Later and we need to stop them from getting away with this massive violation of human rights to family life and legal representation. They are executing their own racist double-punishment, sending people to countries they haven’t lived in for years, ripping people out of their family homes – We will not stand for this!

From experience of continued contact with individuals given out of country appeals it is apparent that these essentially mean no right of appeal given the huge obstacles needed to put in an out of country appeal.

Actions you can take to help Peter are to call, email, tweet and Facebook message Kenya Airways, leading up to his flight on SATURDAY 30th FEBRUARY. When contacting the airline please explain the reasons why Peter should not be removed and that it is not ok for Kenya Airways to continue to comply with these racist deportations in the name of profit.

Please quote Peter’s full name (Peter Chisoko), Date Of Birth (9/4/1988), Home Office Reference Number (C1344367), and flight number (KQ101) in all correspondence. Kenya Airways are particularly resistant to public pressure so we need to be particularly firm. Kenya Airways staff seem to have been specifically trained to continue with removals no matter what and it is clear that this is profit-driven. An airlines reputation is extremely important and Kenya Airways need to be reminded that with every deportation they comply with their reputation is damaged and future customers lost.

* Peter’s removal directions state he is to be removed at 18:59hrs Tuesday 23rd February from London Heathrow to Nairobi. He will then be put on another flight to Zambia.

** If you don’t have credit then please do tweet/email/facebook Kenya Airways. **

Kenya Airways

Emergency Airport Office: 020 8759 7366
General Office: 020 82831800
24HR Contact Center: +254 20 327 4747

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This really can make a difference and support greatly appreciated.