Stop deportation of Asylum Seeker Garcia Toamas Fuxi Cui


Garcia Toamas Fuxi Cui is in political exile. He came to the UK almost a decade ago with a student visa but, fearing for his life, claimed asylum instead of enrolling at university.

He feared for his life because he had been a human rights activist in Angola, and to this date he fears persecution at the hands of the Angolan state. Garcia knows that The Departmento de Investigaco Criminal (DNIC) will arrest him upon arrival in Luanda and detain him indefinitely, with no access to a fair trial. Garcia is also afraid that he will be persecuted for religious reasons.

The UK should be offering Garcia sanctuary but instead the Home Office are risking his life and are trying to forcibly remove him this Saturday 30th January.

Most sickening is that Garcia ran into trouble with the Home Office because he tried to work. It is illegal for asylum seekers to work while their claims are pending, yet the Home Office keep people waiting routinely for months, even years. Garcia was punished for working illegally, yet now in detention he is offered work for a wage of £1 per hour. This disgusting practice, paying detainees £1 an hour is routine in the UK’s detention centres. It makes a mockery of Garcia being punished for working ‘illegally’ – he was only trying to support himself, he wants to stay in this country and should not be forced to return to a country he no longer considers home.

Understandably, Garcia does not want the finer details of his case published online. He fears for his life, if returned to Angola. He also fears for his life, if the Home Office get him on a plane – a legitimate fear, given the death of Jimmy Mubenga – killed at the hands of G4S guards whilst being forcibly removed by the Home Office to Angola in 2010.

Garcia urgently needs people to act to stop his removal. His life is in danger and this urgent action appeal is his only hope.

Actions you can take to help Garcia are to call, email, tweet and Facebook message Kenya Airways, leading up to his flight on SATURDAY 30th JANUARY. When contacting the airline please explain that, for political and religious reasons, Garcia should not be removed as he fears for his life.

Please quote Garcia’s full name (Garcia Toamas Fuxi Cui), Date Of Birth (7/1/82), Home Office Reference Number (Z1083131/005), and flight number (KQ101 London to Luanda, Angola).

* Garcia’s removal directions state he is to be removed “at 17:00 hours on flight KQ101 to Angola” – there is however no flight at that time, but there is one at 19:00 (7pm) – we assume that Garcia is then to be removed at 19:00 from London Heathrow to Luanda, via Nairobi, on flight KQ101.

** If you don’t have credit then please do tweet/email/facebook Kenya Airways. **

Kenya Airways

Emergency Airport Office: 020 8759 7366
General Office: 020 82831800
24HR Contact Center: +254 20 327 4747

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Email Contact Submission:

This really can make a difference and support greatly appreciated.