Stop the removal of Mark Orji – Please act now

If there is anyone in the London Area who can go to Heathrow TOMORROW NIGHT to try and draw attention to the removal, please contact the Unity Centre on 01414277992!

Mark Orji (Home Office Ref: O1815172/009) is currently in detention and is due to be deported from the UK to Nigeria on the 27th of February at 22.35 on commercial Virgin Atlantic flight VS651

Mark has been in the UK for 5 years and has a child here. He has applied for an EEA residence card, and wants to continue to build his life here.

He has been served with a deportation order, which can be issued to people with criminal convictions who are not British Citizens. The Home Office would have us believe this is about keeping people safe, but Mark’s only crime was to use documents that were not his to travel. The Home Office’s system destabilizes people, gives them no status, and forces them into situations of not having the ‘correct’ documents. When people try to survive these situations, they are criminalised, and then the Home Office gets the right to deport them.

It took 5 months for Mark to be given a Rule 35 Report, which requires that the doctor at a detention centre “shall report to the manager on the case of any detained person whose health is likely to be injuriously affected by continued detention or any conditions of detention.” The doctor noted concerns that Mark may have been a victim of torture, with stitches on his head and scars on his face, legs, and arms from experiencing beatings by wooden sticks by people who physically attacked him for his sexuality.

Please support Mark and show the Home Office and Virgin Atlantic that someone is watching, and that this is unjust. Virgin Atlantic do have the right to refuse to carry someone on their flight and it will not damage them as a company. If enough people express concern about Mark’s situation they are able to take the right decision. As concerned citizens, and customers, we are allowed to express our views and they should respond.

Please share this appeal widely.

Urgent: contact Virgin Atlantic airways and ask them not to be complicit in the unjust deportation of Mark Orji, and allow him to stay in the UK.

Virgin Atlantic:


Virgin Headquarters 0344 8110 000

Flight Information 0344 209 7770

Reservations 0344 209 7777 – (Open 24/hours day)