Forced Deportation of Bangladeshi national Mohammed Alam –Sunday 17 May 2015

Please urgently contact Qatar Airways through as many channels as you have access to, to ask them to halt the forced removal of Mohammed Alam, and allow him to remain in Glasgow, where he belongs.
Contact Qatar – Please quote flight numbers QR010 and QR634 on correspondence.
Phone: +44 2087975001 (Heathrow Office)
Fax: +44 0207 341 6029
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qatarairways
Twitter: @qatarairways

Qatar Airways have already been responsible for the death of Jackie Nanyonjo after she was deported by the Home Office and physically assualted by security guards and later died in Uganda from her injuries.

Marking one year since Mohammed Alam was made destitute and began his stay in a Glasgow night shelter, the UK Home Office have decided to forcibly remove him against his will. Alam is being held in Dungavel detention centre, the only detention centre in Scotland and will be moved to one of the 12 other detention centres in England tomorrow in order to be close to Heathrow Airport to access his intended flight on SUNDAY 17th MAY via Qatar Airways
Alam has been in the UK for 6 years and despite being made destitute a year ago has managed to make a life here, most recently in Glasgow. He is an active member of the night shelter that accommodates him from 8am to 8pm every night and also volunteers for Bridging the Gap. Less than two weeks ago he was featured in an article in the Evening Times highlighting the role the night shelter plays in his life and situation presently in the UK. There is some speculation that this may have had something to do with the Home Office’s sudden vindictive actions towards him. The article titled ‘Inside the Unity Centre: back home in Bangladesh I was tortured…’ can be accessed here http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/shelter-for-the-forgotten-197122n.117816482#disqus_thread

Alam was detained abruptly on the 16th of February at the Home Office Reporting Centre on Brand Street, Glasgow. He has been regularly signing at the Home Office Reporting Centre as this is a requirement of individuals who have claimed asylum. Penalties of not signing are high as well as constant threats made by the Home Office, however, in this case the penalty came by following the rules.

Alam’s lawyer has put together a fresh claim for his case, however, it cannot be put in until a response is gained from legal aid. There is no reason to suggest Alam would not qualify for legal aid, however, this is presently the only barrier that would lead to the definite cancellation of his ticket in two days time.

Details of Alam’s reason for claiming asylum in the UK cannot be disclosed because of the sensitive nature of his claim and fear of persecution and likely death if forcibly returned to Bangladesh. It is apparent, however, that he has no confidence whatsoever in the Judicial System in Bangladesh and its ability or likelihood of leading to his protection and safety. This is due to high levels of corruption within the police and judiciary.
We are calling on supporters and friends to contact Qatar Airways to inform them of the situation facing Alam if removed via their services.

It seems living in a night shelter, on the floor of a church with 15 other single men in Glasgow, night after night for a year is not enough to prove Alam’s very real need for protection – so lets help gain him some more time to meet the unbelievably high levels of scrutiny the Home Office impose by taking collective action to STOP THIS FLIGHT and PREVENT THIS INHUMANE FORCED REMOVAL of a dear friend of Glasgow’s.

Many thanks!
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