URGENT ACTION APPEAL – HO Abuse Victim Osita to be forcibly removed TONIGHT

The Home Office are trying to forcibly remove Osita Omenyina TONIGHT via flight VS651  at 22:35 hours to Lagos. Osita has two children in the UK and has previously served in the British army His wife is distraught at the possibility of their family being torn apart tonight.


Osita was recently beaten up while in the care of Dungavel IRC staff, the only detention centre in Scotland. He was consequently taken to the emergency room for his injuries. SEVEN guards were responsible for this assault and despite an official complaint being made with hospital evidence nothing has been done to address this behaviour. Guards are permitted to use reasonable force yet seven against one can never be considered reasonable! During this assault he was forced to swallow a tablet which we believe was a sedative, Helen Adams the Healthcare manager said ‘It should kick in in ten minutes’ . Furthermore, he was tightly handcuffed and held with a belt around his chest. He was having spasms and severe pain and it took 20 minutes before TASCO staff called an ambulance. Osita reports thinking he was going to die. He now says the pain is still so severe that it feels as though he has chilli’s inside his whole body.

Osita reports he is still suffering from his injuries. He says the pain is still so severe that it feels as though he has chilli’s inside his whole body. He cannot urinate without pain, has cuts and bruises on his wrists, a sprained buttocks and bleeding on his lip among other injuries. This assault occurred when he was informed his case had been refused and he exhibited being upset.

His lawyer has put in an injunction which means if the Home Office do attempt to forcibly remove him it is unlawful, as anyone with a pending case cannot be removed from the UK. This often does not stop the Home Office who seem to have made it their mission to split up families. Increasingly we are getting calls from distraught families worried about how their children are going to cope being separated suddenly from their fathers.

We are calling for everyone to take action by calling Virgin Atlantic to not comply with this forced removal tonight. It is within the power of the pilot of any aircraft to refuse to carry a passenger. Osita is not fit to fly given his injuries, we are concerned any force applied by escorts could be fatal. Furthermore, he should not be forced apart from his family nor put on a plane when an injunction has been submitted on his behalf.

We do NOT want anything similar to the death of Jimmy Mubenga on a British Airways flight to occur, this has proven that the escorts cannot be trusted with the care of individuals with health concerns on flights (or ANYONE for that matter!)

Please quote Osita Brutus Omenyima’s Home Office Reference O1128468 and flight number VS651.


Reservations 0344 209 7777 – (Open 24/hours day)
Flight Information 0344 209 7770
Special assistance 0344 481 4455 – (Open Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm and bank holidays)

Virgin Headquarters 0344 8110 000

Virgin Atlantic need to be made aware of their duty to avoid involvement in forced removals/deportations, they need to be reminded of their power to refuse to carry any passenger and that no amount of profit is worth taking people’s lives and permanently separating families.

Please share this widely and call as much as you can as these calls can really make a difference


Unity x