Update on the Jamaican Charter Flight

This weekend we have been made aware the Home Office have made an announcement saying that they have cancelled a charter flight they had booked on Wednesday 15th November at 6.30am to Jamaica.

While we are glad that people will get more time to work on their legal cases, we are fully expecting them to rearrange this flight. While the Home Office and the Courts might have know about date and time of the flight before it was cancelled, the people due to be on the flight had only been given windows of time where they could be removed/deported. This means the Home Office could book another flight in this window, and may not have to reissue directions about removal to detainees. If you are representing anyone, supporting anyone or are on the flight yourself, we think people should continue as if the flight will go ahead at some point in the next two weeks.

We are really hoping that we will get more information about this this week and we will share everything when we know it. If you are in touch with anyone who was told they would be on the flight or are on the flight yourself, please feel free to contact us for more information about this (unitycentremedia [@] gmail.com).

In the meantime, we are continuing with plans for the demonstration tomorrow, Monday 13th at 12.30pm, outside the Jamaican High Commission. See here for more info