Update from Mabel at Yarlswood

MUM-ALEXWe are not safe and fear for our life in this detention and there is lots of coverups in this Yarlswood. A second man has cut himself in the family unit or “Hummingbird”.  There were also TB patients last year in the family unit,l Hummingbird, but released the woman who was two weeks in hospital and wants to sue Yarlswood because she was diagnosed with TB in Yarlswood.
A lady with swollen tummy or fibroids keeps being given paracetamol and is supposed to have an operation but is still in pain and bleeding very heavily. Even though two doctors have seen her and say she should not be in detention, still sick, ill detainees are kept detained.
Yarlswood should close down. It is not fit for purpose because every day unsolved problems repeat itself.
Two weeks ago we had bedbugs in one of the units, moved detainees out of the room and destroyed her expensive clothes and just give her a few Yarlswood clothes. One of these detainees is unhappy about it and does not know what to do or to complain about her clothing.
Two days ago an athsmatic detainee came in, she got athsma attacks twice and was taken to hospital this morning and is now in hospital.

Why are they detaining athsmatic patients with life threatening health issues in the first place?

The Home Office do not want to listen.
I honestly fear someone will lose their life in this Yarlswood again and it will be too late.
The Home Office has become out of control and abuse their power by keeping detaining us. This is not fair. What had we done that was so terrible that we had to suffer or struggle like this or treated like human shields or human statues.
What is wrong with the world itself that we had lost self respect of being a human being?
Yarlswood is like a family business for officers but our immigration issues are because most of the staff working here are family, related, friends, neighbours, mothers, daughters, sons, cousins, etc., name it…
It’s all about money, business, it’s all about money.
How can you make money out of vulnerable detainees?
There is no duty of care or nobody cares about detainees in detention at all.
It’s like officers come show off their uniform for a day and go back to their families, left us depressed and in limbo.
Everyday they failed and neglected us in this Yarlswood.
They know how to cover up their tricks and it is our words against their words.
I have seen complaint Home Office letters replied to by Yarlswood managers etc.
I have seen Report from Rule 35 where the doctor failed to mention and show her scars on the map of the detainee.
We also had problem to get out sick ill detainees out of this detention centre, and also issues or problems when ambulance come to Yarlswood. It take after very long hours when the ambulance arrived at Yarlswood, sometimes we had to call ourselves an ambulance who was turned away from the gate. If the detainees are taken to hospital they are not kept over night and are brought back the same day confused and not well.
I do not understand that at all.
Why does this keep happening?
I am tired to witness every day the same thing without proper change in this detention system.
I think the best problem solving is to close down Yarlswood
We do not have to deal with these issues anymore.
Shut down all the UK detentions because this is inhuman treatment and punishment and unnecessary suffering, struggling.
This or that people who allow this to happen should put themselves in our shoes and feel the pain and sadness and horror of being in detention or how it feels to be detained.
The environment where we are held in this detention is just disgusting and awful, we can’t breathe properly, the rooms are the dump, the heating – water is just unnatural to standard it should be.
Most of the detainees got so ill or sick for a while when they are released from this detention, so unhealthy and effective is this place.
I think, everybody who is aware about UK detention keeps a blind eye because it brings shame and confusion in ministries, government etc.
It’s time to turn your head around detention centres and do something about it now…
Make a change by closing down, it is a waste of life of time of money too!