National day of protest in support of Syrian Refugees. The Glasgow protest will take place outside the Home Office Reporting Centre on Brand Street at 1:00pm on Monday 16th June to mark the beginning of Refugee Week. Please invite/bring your friends and families down too!

Glasgow Protest Monday 16th June at 1:00pm outside the Home Office Reporting Centre on Brand Street. Bring flyers and posters if you can.

*** Movement Against Xenophobia ***
– A recently formed broad based campaign against racism and xenophobia in the immigration debate in the UK.

*** Syria Solidarity Movement ***
– A campaign that forms part of global efforts to build an international solidarity movement with democratic and progressive activists continuing their fight against the Assad regime in the face of mounting violence.

*** No One Is Illegal ***
– A long-standing refugee rights organisation that campaigns for a world without borders.

***The Unity Centre Glasgow***
– A grassroots organisation providing practical support and solidarity to asylum-seekers, migrants and refugees in Glasgow.

***Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees ***
– A group of people from all walks of life who have come together with the aim of campaigning to improve the quality of life of asylum seekers and refugees
arriving and settling in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

***Student Action for Refugees Glasgow***
– A group of students working to raise awareness and funds for asylum seekers and refugees. Also involved in volunteering with organisations that work with asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow.

***Glasgow Free Syrians***
– A group of activists providing News and organising events in support of the Syrian Revolution and Syrians in Glasgow.

Under mounting pressure the government has reluctantly agreed to take “several hundred” of the “most destitute” Syrian refugees. But this is nothing when compared to either the scale of the refugee crisis or the commitments made by other nations.

There are already 2.5 million refugees that have fled Syria, including nearly a million in neighbouring Lebanon, and 6.5 million people internally displaced. This is clearly one of the most serious humanitarian crisis of our time.

Our government has not joined the United Nations High Commission for Refugees re-settlement programme but has instead set up its own programme providing minimal assistance. Compare its commitment to Germany who has pledged to take 11,000 Syrian refugees as part of the UN effort. Even much smaller countries, like Sweden and Norway, have agreed to take 1,300 and 1,000 refugees respectively, and the United States has placed no limit on the number it is willing to take.

We also recognise that despite international efforts the burden of dealing with the refugee crisis has overwhelmingly been borne by the much poorer countries bordering Syria. We call on the government to dramatically increase its commitment to take Syrian refugees who are fleeing war and persecution.

We recognise that their reluctance to countenance this step reflects a wider climate of persecution of migrants and refugees, who have been scapegoated for the affects of the capitalist crisis. This has fuelled the rise of the racist UKIP part. We are determined to stand together against racism and for international solidarity with migrants and refugees the world over.

Same Event also in Liverpool, Leeds and London

For more information or to be involved in hosting/speaking/promoting this event please contact:

The Unity Centre    –   0141 427 7992    –