Support for Detainees in Harmondsworth

Glasgow City-20140528-00125 (1) The 2nd May 2014 protests illustrated the widespread injustices within the UK immigration detention centres. Detainees expressed constant shock at being treated like criminals in a country where they came to seek sanctuary and protection. Not only were the protests focused on these feelings but also on the severe lack of access to legal representation, problems associated with detainee fast-track system, healthcare problems inside the detention centres and many other issues with treatment of asylum seekers and migrants within the UK and especially those presently detained.

The support from outside detention centres has been widespread but action is still needed to show just how OPPOSED we are to the practice of detaining migrants and also the clear flaws with the immigration system.

Movement for Justice in a show of solidarity have called for a protest outside Harmondsworth IRC near Heathrow Airport.

7th june protestThe issue of immigration detention, the fast-track system and treatment of vulnerable individuals as criminals is not an issue that will simply disappear but a practice that needs continued opposition until it is resolved.

Local MP John McDonnell will be speaking.

Please spread the word widely and encourage all to attend to make it clear that WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THE FAST-TRACK SYSTEM, FOR RACIST TREATMENT OF MIGRANTS NOR THIS HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT!