Suicide Attempt Due to Brutality of Home Office’s Asylum System

Unity is sorry to announce that a friend seeking asylum today tried to take his own life. He went to the Home Office building in Glasgow on Brand Street, where he took an overdose of pills.

Today, he could not stand the pain of being subject to the Home Office’s dehumanising asylum system.

Our friend is an Iraqi asylum seeker who is a political refugee.


The government’s political games and their sickening schemes to make Britain a ‘hostile environment’, literally kills people.


For now, our friend is in hospital, but he wants what has happened to be public and he wants to speak with the media.

Please contact us at, if you are interested in covering his story.

Letters of support can be posted to our office – 22 Ibrox Street, Glasgow G51 1AQ. We will pass these on as soon as our friend is out of hospital.