UPDATED – Stop the mass expulsion of Nigerians


stop deportationsURGENT ACTION APPEAL.

Stop the mass expulsion of Nigerians


Man who needs kidney dialysis is due to be put on charter flight to Nigeria tomorrow.

Benjam [not his real name] has End Stage Kidney Disease and has been told that his medication cannot control the symptoms of anaemia and hypertension that he has without dialysis. Without medication he is in real danger that he could suffer a stroke. Dialysis could potentially pro-long his life for 30 years, without dialysis, Benjamin has been told he will die soon.


Benjamin only discovered his medical condition after he arrived in the UK and although his first asylum case was refused his was detained after he made a fresh submission. The Home Office (despite giving him Section 4 support on the basis of his fresh submission) claim to have no record of him submitting new evidence.


Kidney dialysis is only available at private medical clinics in Nigeria. Renal failure ranks high among killer illnesses in Nigeria, but unlike malaria and HIV/AIDS, it is ignored. Cost of treating the ailment is high. Nigeria has only 75 neurologists and about 50 functional dialysis centres and it has been estimated that at least 32 million Nigerians had chronic renal illnesses


Stop this Charter flight to Nigeria: 22.20hrs Tuesday 17 December 2013

Nigerian man Isa Muazu who recently was on hunger strike for over 100 days has been given fresh removal directions for Tuesday 17th December. This will be the third attempt to remove Isa from the UK after the Home Office spent up to £108,000 chartering a private jet two weeks ago in a failed attempt to fly him back to Nigeria. The Home Office have given him fresh removal directions and are now going to try to return him on a mass charter flight as part of a regular Home Office exercise called “Operation Majestic”.


We are currently waiting for the determination from Isa’s recent application to the Upper Tribunal which is due to be given at 10am tomorrow morning giving his lawyer only 12 hours to fight the decision.


As well as Benjamin and Isa, Unity are in contact with at least another 6 people who the Home Office are trying to put on the same flight.


We urgently need you to take action to try and stop this charter flight by faxing and calling the Nigerian High Commission, Nick Clegg and Theresa May (links to template letters can be found at the bottom of this post)



1.    Call the Nigerian High Commission

We are calling for anyone who can to call the Nigerian High Commission and urge them to try to stop the current charter flight.  Recently Nigeria has refused planes to land because the proper procedure has not been followed – phoning, faxing and emailing them can work.
Please call the number below and let them know of your concern for many of the individuals on this flight and urge them that they do not have to be party to this inhumane method of mass deportation.

Nigerian High Commission
Phone: 0207 839 1244 extension 277, alternatively just press 0 during the main menu of options.
Fax: 020 7839 8746
Or online message http://www.nigeriahc.org.uk/enquiries

Or contact Mr T.G. Adenyi Minister / Special Assistant to the High Commissioner 0207 839 1244 Ext 205 or email adeniyi@nigeriahc.org.uk

Or Mrs J.C. Ejere Administrative Attache TEL: 0207 8391244 Ext 298 ejere@nigeriahc.org.uk


2.    Lobby Theresa May

Please contact Home Secretary Theresa May to let her know this degrading mistreatment of people cannot go on.

Rt Hon Theresa May MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Fax: 020 8760 3132 (00 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK
Email: UKBApublicenquiries@UKBA.gsi.gov.uk


3.    Also ask Nick Clegg what he thinks about mass expulsions

Parliamentary office: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 3000 nick.clegg.mp@parliament.uk

Constituency Office: 85 Nethergreen Road, Sheffield, S11 7EH Tel: 0114 230 9002
Fax: 0114 230 9614 nickclegg@sheffieldhallam.org.uk

Departmental Office: Cabinet Office, 70 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2AS
Tel: 020 7276 1234 publiccorrespondence@cabinet-office.gsi.gov.uk





Notorious & inhumane

Charter flights are a notorious, inhumane, way of removing asylum seekers. With no other passengers on the flight to monitor them, the private security company escorts routinely use force on the people being removed on charter flights.


Corporate Watch recently published a report detailing the case against the Home Office’s use of charter flights http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=5099. In July this year Corporate Watch published a free briefing asking whether the practice of mass expulsions using charter flights were actually lawful which can be read here http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=4938


In particular the Home Office practise of allocating putting unsuspecting “reserve” deportees on a third of all charter flights without any warning has drawn repeated criticism from campaigners as well as Keith Vaz MP (Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee) and from the Prison Inspector (who has called the practice “inhumane”.)


Court action against the Fast Track system

At the same time the charter flight on Tuesday, is very bad timing as Detention Action will be taking the Government to Court over their use of the detention Fast Track system used to process asylum cases from the ‘White Country’ list on that day. http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=fd4245447a04e2631f21f7786&id=0a05e0cdbc


Men from Nigeria, in particular, find themselves fall foul of this odious piece of legislation which allows the Home Office to automatically detain them when the claim asylum and to process their cases in only six weeks with only limited legal aid and often not enough time to properly pursue their case. Once refused these detainees are then are only allowed an “out-of-country” appeal once they have been returned to Nigeria.


Many men on the charter flight on Tuesday have become victims of the Detained Fast Track system.


We urgently need you to take action to try and stop this charter flight by faxing and calling the Nigerian High Commission and Theresa May



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