Calling on all supporters to contact Turkish Airlines as a matter of urgency throughout the afternoon and tonight.

turkish airlines

A Somalian National is facing immediate removal TOMORROW despite objective evidence and knowledge that IT IS NOT SAFE.

His lawyer has outlined that current court procedures mean that when Judicial Reviews are renewed this no longer serves as a bar to removal which she states as ridiculous. This new policy of ‘no bar to removal’ means that the right to a fair hearing – enshrined under Article 6 of the ECHRs – is not met. She states ‘why can’t that give immigrants this right’.

Furthermore, the situation in somalia has drastically changed and this can be seen objectively and is clearly documented, the country is in turmoil. the United Nations cas called for removals to Somalia to be stopped and Canadian Authorities have a policy not to return individuals to Somalia.

Unfortunately, for this individual due to credibility issues in his case barristers will not take on the case and obtain an injunction. As outlined by his lawyer the current situation in Somalia should mean that no one is returned regardless of their present cases, it is not safe.

Please take immediate action by contacting Turkish Airways – please politely explain that a friend of yours is set to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow morning via flight TK1980 at 11:25am on 3rd May 2014. Explain that his life is in risk because of the deteriorating situation in Somalia and discuss that authorities in other countries have halted this practice. Furthermore can mention that it is not Turkish Airlines role to be complicit in these types of forced removals, and as the only current airline that flies to Somalia they are in a position to make a real difference to thie practice by refusing to take passengers.

PhoneCall center: 0844 800 6666
Heathrow Office: 0844 375 4254

Fax: 0207 3483867

Tweet: @TurkishAirlines


Your calls and support are greatly, greatly appreciated.