Our friend Sam (not his real name) was detained on Thursday and is due to be forcibly and unjustly removed on flight VS601 Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow to Johannesburg at 20.05 on Thursday 10th May.

Sam has been in the UK since 2004, for 14 years. He is married and cares full time for his wife, who is a British citizen. They have been married for 13 years and have a child, also born in Britain.

Sam’s wife Alex (not her real name) lives with physical disabilities caused by osteo-arthritis in her spine and related health conditions. It is difficult for her to walk, lift anything, or stand for very long. She has suffered a prolapsed bladder and a serious deterioration in her mental health. Sam cares for her 24 hours a day and Alex relies on him to help her in her everyday life and in the care for their child.

Sam wants everyone to know about this violation of their rights, to help him protest the Home Office ripping him away from his family, who depend on him so much.

Sam is also suffering. Having been detained on Thursday and already issued removal directions, he has been afforded no time to challenge his removal. He has no acting solicitor and has been forced to submit applications to the Home Office himself. At the time of removal he will have a pending Judicial Review and should not be removed to South Africa.

Sam does not want to leave his family, he is greatly needed. He fears for his partner’s life if he is removed to South Africa.

Please follow the instructions below to protest Sam’s removal. The decision to refuse his removal lies with the pilot and your calls to the airline really can make a difference.

“I have heard that you are enacting Home Office orders to unlawfully remove a South African national on flight VS601 to Johannesburg. I urge Virgin Atlantic to refuse this removal and encourage the pilot to exert his powers to refuse to fly with him on board.”

To call the airlines:
Virgin Atlantic
customer services: +44 (0)344 874 7747
* you can be anyone to call and say that Virgin Atlantic should not participate in forced removals!
* quote flight no. VS601 on 10th May 2018 at 20.05 hrs
tweet: @VirginAtlantic.
* a lot of public attention could help stop the removal

Heathrow airport: 0844 335 1801
tweet: @heathrowairport