Stop Multiple Removal of Sam and other Congolese Nationals to DRC this Friday

Sam Louis and at least two other Congolese nationals are set to be forcibly removed from the UK via Kenya Airways Flight KQ101 on the 20th of November 2015. Action is needed to STOP these forced removals as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) poses great risk to them if returned.



Sam Louis has been in the UK for an extensive period and has close family members living here, he is afraid of what will happen if this removal goes ahead. Sam Lois and other Congolese nationals have been left in block for almost a week now to avoid them talking and sharing information about this flight.

Catherine Ramos has written two reports designed to inform the Home Office and government departments such as the Country of Origin Information Service specifically about treatment of returnees to the DRC. These reports highlight alarmingly high levels of arrests and ill-treatment of returned refused asylum seekers and imprisonment of foreign national criminals along with mistakes being made by the Home Office before removal such as omitted evidence and inaccurate information being used.

Long-term supporters of Congolese asylum seekers across the UK are extremely concerned and looking for paths to take to protest these individuals from deportation. Before outcomes result we need to make sure pressure is applied to prevent numerous deportations to DRC to go ahead.

It is clear the UK Home Office know what they are trying to do this Friday has strong opposition as they have kept Sam and others set to be on this flight in block (solitary confinement) since moving them to the same detention centre near Heathrow Airport, Colnbrook IRC, to prepare for the flight. Guards say they have no intention of removing Sam from block before the 20th November, others in cells around him have been there for up to four weeks.

Kenya Airways have a long history of complying with UK Home Office’s agenda of deport now ask questions later regime. Numerous individuals have told Kenya Airways why they cannot be taken back to their countries of origin and have protested onboard flights in genuine fear for their lives. Individuals on board these aircrafts have also stood up in protest and support yet the airline persists to comply. We need to let Kenya Airways know that their compliance will not be tolerated. We need to let them know that no amount of profit is worth this compliance.

Please take action to contact Kenyan Airways now to let them know we are in opposition to what they are allowing to happen. The pilot of any aircraft has the legal capacity to refuse to carry any passenger without reason. This is the law we want Kenyan Airways to use to stop this multiple removal on board flight KQ101 this Friday 20th November at 19:00hrs. Removing one individuals at a time is bad enough yet this time Kenyan Airways is helping the Home Office operate a multiple removal.

Please quote flight number and Sam Louis’ Home Office Reference (L1181619) when speaking or writing to Kenya Airways.


Phone: 020 82831800

020 8283 1818

0208 283 1819

Airport Phone: 020 8759 7366

Fax:      020 8283 1880

Airport Fax: 020 8745 5027


Twitter: @KenyaAirways



Any action you can take for Sam and others from DRC is greatly appreciated.

These campaigns can and do help individuals in this situation and many of the recent Urgent Action Appeals we have posted have been successful. Thanks to everyone in advance.


Unity x