Speaking out from prison

This is a letter that we received today from a friend in prison in England, where many people are being held and are afraid of the Home Office retaliating against them with racist double punishment and trying to deport them even after they have served their time. This friend has told us that the Home Office is pressuring people in this particular prison who can’t read or write to sign voluntary return papers. This is a very serious injustice, if people are signing things they don’t understand without an opportunity to get proper legal advice.

Here are the words of our friend:

“I’m writing to you about what’s going on with the Home Office. I fear for my life if I was sent back to my country, and this is something I told the Home Office, I’ve even provided proof of my parents death certificate and the certificate of the burning down of my home I used to live in Jamaica. My case worker sent an Asylum form saying she thinks that I should seek asylum, which I did. I’ve got eight weeks left to finish my sentence, a decision has not been made against me yet so I can’t know what’s going on. All I know is they’re ignoring the fact that people have kids and a wives that need the support of their partners. This is very hard for my young family and very stressful for my kids that have a strong bond with me. There is a flight that leaving on the 8th of March and they’re putting a lot of people on it that have families I think its on fear for splitting up families. I’ve lived here for 17 years and I have no living relatives in my country. I’m married to a British citizen and I have two kids with her. I’ve never left the UK since I’ve been here because this is where I feel safe I don’t know or remember anything about Jamaica, I came here as a child. UK is where my life is.”

65 other inmates are also seeking help and have signed the above letter to indicate their support. This is a note that one of them wrote when he signed.


“Kind Regards,

Help us in whatever way you can. The Home Office is deporting us unlawfully without us signing anything, we have kids and family here in the UK. We complain to the prison Governor about it and he failed to listen, the prison is holding us for Immigration to deport us, they’re not giving us any chance to fight our case. We need someone to come to intervene. I don’t think that this is a prison, this is Hell. Not even the devil would want to go through what inmates are going though.”

These are disturbing words to hear. Please share this post widely. We have posted already about the charter flight leaving on the 8th and the massive continuing injustice of charter ghost flights. People from Jamaica are being targeted regularly. People are shocked to learn about this practice and have been calling the Unity centre all day to confirm that what we have written about charter flights is true. We only wish that it weren’t.