Please stop the deportation of police rape survivor tomorrow

Please act now to prevent the forced removal of our extremely vulnerable friend, who wishes to remain anonymous.
In Jamaica, Mrs W’s brother witnessed the unarmed murder of a drug dealer by police. Under the pretence of searching for her brother, eight police officers dragged Mrs X into the back of their van where they brutally raped her. She was also stabbed in the leg.
She was hospitalised for a long time after this. These men decimated her physical, emotional and psychological health. These traumas have led to new traumas she suffers as an HIV+ woman who has since been Sectioned under the mental health act.
The Home Office say that Jamaica is a safe place for Mrs W to be. The Home Office are citing case-law and examples completely unrelated to the treatment of women by the police and the levels of police corruption in Jamaica. Like Mrs W, we fear for her life upon her forced return.
Mrs W has a son who is a British citizen and a husband who has been given discretionary leave to remain. The reason she is being removed is because she has spent time in prison for assaulting police officers and for stealing a handbag.
She has served her time for all of her crimes and does not deserve the death penalty at the hands of Jamaica’s rapist and corrupt police force, not to mention the UK’s rape-apologist, misogynistic Home Office.CONTACT VIRGIN AND DEMAND THEY DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS FORCED REMOVAL:
This flight is happening on Virgin Atlantic Flight VS65 from Gatwick to Jamaica at 12.40pm.
You can contact Virgin Atlantic and ask them not to participate in this forced removal on 01293 616161 or 01293 473650.
You can also email them here, tweet them @VirginAtlantic, or contact them on their face book!

Provide Mrs W’s Information and Flight Details:
Mrs W
Home Office Reference Number: W1990639
Date of birth: 20/11/80
Flight VS65 to Jamaica 10/05/16 at 12.40