Planned Racist Raids sweeping the UK under Operation Centurion


RaidscardUPDATE: 3/6/2014 8pm News of #OperationCenturion reported on Channel 4 –

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Leaked information indicates this planned crackdown on undocumented workers will span from 2nd June to 15 June. Areas of London and Glasgow have been identified and yesterday (2nd June) Birmingham experienced large number of workplace raids. Plans for this operation have been ongoing for months and are aimed to show the Tory government is hard on immigration after the recent success of Ukip.

It is clear that Operation Centurion is politically motivated and is targeting work industries that often involve low paid work largely carried out by migrant workers such as cleaners and nurses. Furthermore, many of the targets are racially based with the desired outcome of further demonizing migrant labour and essentially scapegoating immigrants to satisfy the right-wing political agenda on immigration.

resist raids

Numerous targets have been identified but this is not exhaustive and we are urging individuals to be particularly cautious over the following two week period. Targets include care homes, hotels, restaurants, local businesses and construction sites. Information also suggests these immigration raids will be combined with activities like ticket inspections.

The Anti-Raids Network have produced information that outlines what to do is you are stopped by immigration officers (UKBA): WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE STOPPED BY IMMIGRATION OFFICERS (UKBA)

If the UK Border Agency or police stop you in the street and ask about your immigration status:

– You DO NOT have to answer any questions.

– You DO NOT have to tell them your name or address.

– Tell them that you do not want to talk to them.

– Stay polite but confident.

– You can walk away.

They are not allowed to stop you just because of your race.They can only stop you if they have a good reason. If they stop you just because of how you look, or the language you speak, tell them: “This is racist”. “This is illegal”. “I will make a complaint”.

This information is available in many languages at the bottom of this link Immigration Checks: Know your rights.

If anyone is detained or knows of someone detained in Glasgow and surrounding areas please contact us on our 24-hour phone line 0141 427 7992 or send an email to

Alternatively, call Bail for Immigration Detainees (independent from us): 020 7247 3590

For more detailed information on the planned crackdown see