PHONE BLOCK – Brookhouse Detainee Facing Deportation TONIGHT


Paul* has been in the UK since he was 11 years old, over half his life. He identifies as British, was educated in Britain and had indefinite leave to remain.

Tomorrow at around 5pm Paul* is to be removed from the UK to Zambia as directed by the UK Home Office. This will be the seventh attempted removal Paul* has been issued with. He has never yet been taken to the airport but supporters at The Unity Centre are worried as yesterday evening at 10pm he was informed a completed Judicial Review application is not enough to stop the Home Office carrying out the planned removal. This is because a previous Judicial Review, based on a differing error in law, was lodged within the last 6 months.

The UK Home Office have issued Paul with a deportation order because of a ten month sentence he received as a result of charges relating to cannabis. Automatic deportation orders are given to those with sentences of 12 months or more – a clear example of double punishment of foreign nationals. In Paul’s case this is not an automatic order but one given under the guise that he is a risk to society.

Convictions related to cannabis are far and wide and not isolated to those of differing nationalities. British born individuals who face these same charges would spend 5 months in prison and then be back in their homes. For Paul this is not the case, there is no sensical reason why, most likely because he happened to be born in another country. Despite the fact that he has grown up in Britain, speaks with an english accent and identifies as British he has spent well over a year in immigration detention, primarily being held in Britain’s harshest detention centre The Verne.


Paul was released after a year in detention following legal proceedings. Five weeks later he was re-detained at mandatory reporting. While at home Paul was looking after his sick grandmother and younger sibling who still attends school. He also spent a lot of time visiting his mothers grave as she died in the UK died when 16.

During his second stint in detention Paul has been held in Broshouse. He witnessed the recent events whereby a Jamaican detainee was attacked leading up to the most recent charter flight, he also mentions seeing numerous detainees jump onto nets (placed within the centre to stop suicides) in attempts to avoid removal from the UK and out of sheer desperation. The horrors he has witnessed while detained along with his prolonged time in immigration detention have taken their toll. He says his mental health is suffering and he is not the person he once was.

Supporters at The Unity Centre are gravely concerned as to what will happen to Paul if he is returned to Zambia tomorrow evening. Paul is openly bisexual, knows no one in the country he left as an 11 year old, does not know the culture and will be taken away from his home and family in the UK. Paul constantly mentions needing to be able to visit his mothers grave which he will not be able to do.

Paul says repeatedly he will not leave the UK unless in a body bag.

Another concern about this removal is that the ticket issued is on a Kenyan Airways flight and from previous experience and reports we know that Kenyan Airways staff have been told not to let any form of protest or dispair effect removal. We assume this is to protect ongoing bookings with the UK Home Office and hence profits.

We are calling on everyone to call Kenyan Airways to explain the situation they are complying with. The pilot has the ability to call for Paul to be taken off the flight. We have a guide of what needs to be explained to the airline accessible here.

Flight Number – KQ101
Home Office Reference – C1344367

Kenyan Airways

Reservation: 020 8283 1818
Customer service: 020 8283 1818
Special assistance: 020 8283 1800

Also call the High Commission of Zambia, London to explain what is going on, quoting the flight number and Home Office Reference. There have not been travel documents issued as far as Paul is aware as he has not signed anything nor provided information to the High Commissioner. They need to be made aware of what is happening without their knowledge. Alternatively they are aware and are complicit. We need to raise our concerns either way.

Flight Number – KQ101
Home Office Reference – C1344367

High Commission of Zambia

020 7589 6655

*name changed for anonymity