Solidarity with Palestinian asylum seeker due to be forcibly removed on EasyJet flight

Our friend is 36 years old. He is Palestinian but has been in Europe for the last 3 years. He was born a refugee, displaced from his homeland he has lived in Jordan as a second class citizen all his life. In 2013 things got worse and he had to flee, he has been forced to risk his life and make the journey towards safety. But since entering Europe our friend has suffered further, at borders policed by people adamant he should not pass, and now at the hands of Europe’s asylum system. He is due to be forcibly removed to Germany this Tuesday 15th March 2016.


The Dublin Convention dictates that the first country an asylum seeker is detected is responsible for their claim. But Sweden and Germany have both failed our friend, he would not have endured Calais’s jungle or risked his life to cross to the UK if they had not. The UK benefits the most from the Dublin Convention, in Europe’s most Western corner and surrounded by sea. Those that survive the crossing from Calais are still not safe.


Our friend has made friends in the UK, he left Germany because the indecision was unbearable, now the UK want to apply their racist bureaucracy with no regard for his life. This is a system that has seen our friend re-traumatised, that has pushed him to risk his life crossing borders that should not exist, that will use force to ensure he is on an EasyJet plane so the UK can shirk their responsibilities. Our friend is a refugee and a person present here asking for help. He wants freedom. He must stay.


Our friend is currently imprisoned in Campsfield House and has written the statement below. Please read it and please share it.


*** update! 14/03/2016, 19:00. Our friend was not forcibly removed as the Home Office intended, though he remains detained at Campsfield House IRC. Thank you to all who called in solidarity!!







Dear everyone who believes that freedom should be given


I am writing these few words to tell you about what is truly happening to the surge of asylum seekers and migrants in this country. Through my humble experiences, within about 19 months, in and out of detention, regularly reporting. The detention centre is a prison it just has another name.


The big crime is: I have a fingerprint in another of Europe’s countries.


My story in short:

After 100 days in Sweden they refused asylum, waste time left in a far or outskirt zoo out of Stockholm. They deport me to Germany. German never had any interview with my case or process the application even after 11 month staying in a big crowd camp.


God allow me to travel and to leave german without any more excuses.


I direct to Calais france I seen there crowds LARGE AMOUNT suffering people who stand just for eat, dreaming (if they can found where to sleep)

in a lovely or nice next day may in England, may  in new life or to don’t know where! but faraway of that place. I could not believe it was true but I insist to continues my journey because my chance was so limited . after 49 days in (Ville de Calais)   , I had got a chance for access the UK OR THE DREAM LAND from the peoples view who sleep their cover the sky and their mattress the Calais’s sand.


finally in UK I got refused asylum and removal direction to German.


because the Dublin regulation ,

and my finger was in German despite the rule that says my first country is Sweden but because Sweden or the first country HAD ALREADY DENIED application, they FOUND German to deport me to instead.


am now in the detention centre waiting my travel day to German after I got removal direction and ready ticket  , I have met so many people  some of them may worry for what will come next , and they   don’t like to move ,  its like the nightmare for some,other of them still in their dreaming in a happy next day, which they had been  dreamed with it many before  ,


am writing to speak about this because many people here have a dull feeling.

am writing because am human or at least before I was.

am writing because didn’t committed any crime for I be in detention and never intention to do so.


am write because

am a migrant

am a Sudanese

am a Syrian

am a Afghani

am a Somalian

am algirian

am from this world. and now I don’t want.


am Nabil who forced to go Italy before 2 days

am khader who worry about future in here

am Othman who believe in is freedom every night

am ahmad who  suffrered before he come and still now

am migrant all migrant who lost their life in the sea to come here or the europes


Thanks for you reading.


date: 13 /3 /16

camps field detention oxford