NOTICE: Changes at Unity

From everyone at Unity, to our friends and supporters.

We have been closed over the last week due to a serious need to overhaul our data protection, safeguarding and confidentiality policies and procedures. This came up due to a disclosure brought to Unity about very serious negative consequences of the failures of these policies in the past. This took place a very long time ago but has nonetheless shown us that we have a lot of work to do still.

We have been holding meetings and coming up with ideas during this week, and taking practical steps to reorganise things. However, this is still a very much a work in progress, and we want to be transparent about why we were closed and what is going on.

We welcome any input or thoughts from anyone who has been involved in Unity. This includes, in fact we’d most welcome, any negative expereinces friends have around Unity’s safeguarding procedures or treatment of information. Anything you want to bring up will of course be anyonymous and confidential and will be appreciated by the centre. We cannot, however, go into any detail about the incident which sparked our review. We are interested in how we as an organisation can improve.

Thank you for your patience, time and support. We are sorry to have closed the office and for the trouble this may have been for people, but we hope to be a safer and more responsible place when we are reopened and in the future.