Libyan detainees issued with up to 5 tickets – and none used – why?

After lengthy discussions with three Libyan nationals presently held in immigration detention centers across the UK a very serious question has come to head that we are seeking the answer to:

Why are the UK Home Office continuing to issue removal directions to Libyan Nationals when none of the tickets has been used?

Detainee 1 – Three tickets, none used
Detainee 2 – Five tickets, none used
Detainee 3 – Four tickets, none used

None of the individuals have been taken to the airport for any one of these tickets issued. Yet all of them have been told to pack up and get ready to go. Their bags packed, waiting inside their rooms to be taken to the airport – a vast number of emotions going through the pending removal to the country they have fled – and no one comes. And not only that but this is happening over and over again. But why?

No successful legal action has resulted in obtaining an injunction nor cancelling any one of these tickets. There appears no barrier to removal, no problem obtaining travel documents, no attempts have been made to make contact between these individuals and Libyan authorities to resolve any travel documentation issue. Flights that have been booked appear to be going forward once checked with the airlines used for these booked flights (AlItalia and British Airways).

So WHY DO THEY KEEP ISSUING TICKETS? And why are Libyans continuing to be detained????????? We know that individuals are only detained when it is believed there is no barrier to removal as this is continually quoted by Home Office officials. We want to get to the bottom of this issue.

One detainee believes this to be the reason:

When they continue to issue us with removal directions, it means that we cannot successfully apply for bail. When we go for a bail hearing, the judge says they cannot release us because we have a ticket that has been issued. So by continuing to issue us with tickets, even though they are not used, it means we cannot get released from detention.


If anyone has any information or wants to be involved in investigating further (or have ideas about this) please get in touch via the Let Libyans Stay email:

or via The Unity Centre
0141 427 7992