Let Katherine Stay!

Katherine Beria has been issued with a deportation order after serving her sentence for offences committed as a minor.  Despite having served her sentences, she now faces deportation to a country she does not remember.  Spending her childhood in care, she is a vulnerable young adult, who needs suport and a chance to start her life, not to have it ripped away from her.  She wants to tell her story.



My name is Katherine Beria.

I have been served with a Deportation Order.


I am 19 years old & I have been in the care system from the age of 8.  I had committed 3 robberies and was served with a custodial sentence of 3 years & 6 months. I have been in Young Offenders since 24th September 2013 and was under section 31 Full care order age at 16. I was told to finish my sentence by the Youth Justice Board which was on 20th March 2014.  I finished my sentence and earned earned my early release on the 10th November 2014 but it has been taken away by Immigration.


I was then taken to Yarl’s Wood Detention centre, where I face deportation. I have been living in the UK since I was 8 years old and that was when I was also placed in the care system. I had entered the UK with my mother, sister and step dad. I was born in Venezuela but my mum had registered me in Guyana.

I do not have any family in either country. I do not remember anything apart from when my real father passed away in 2002 in Venezuela and then moving to Guyana and then to the United Kingdom.

My mother , sister, baby niece and baby nephew are all in the UK and all have British citizenship. I had claimed asylum and it was refused and I had claimed for Human Rights Protection and it was also refused.

I have Legal Aid solicitor.  Previously I was told false hope information by the solicitor Duncan Lewis.  This misled me on my case.

I want to say that I am really scared.  I am and not capable of going to a country that I was not born in and I have not lived a proper life in and have no family or place to live there.

These are the reasons why I should not be deported!


  •  I was came into the United Kingdom when I was 8.
  • I was in the Care System since I was in Year 4 age 8-9
  •  I suffered physical abuse in my childhood
  • My first conviction was when I was 16 years old and was under the Full care order section 31
  •  I had earned 24 Qualifications/ Certificate in the Young Offenders Institution
  • I had earned my early release
  • I had completed my whole sentence which I was told to dated 20.3.15
  • I had behaved and was mature from the age of 16.
  • My mother, sister, baby niece and baby nephew are in the UK.
  •  I was born in Venezuela but my nationality is Guyana.
  • I do not have any family members in Guyana or Venezuela.
  • I have suffered from mental health problems from a young age.
  •  I have not bonded with my family since my Imprisonment date (24.9.13)
  •  These were my first convictions
  • I was a young vulnerable 16 years old who had suffered a life in care and not had a normal childhood.
  •  I was neglected and was placed in Care.
  • I have matured and realised my mistakes.
  •  I have worked hard to earn a chance to turn my life around.


Thank you for taking time and understand my reason why I should not be deported. 

Take Action now to show support for Katherine by signing her petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/let-katherine-stay.html