Home Office trying to deport Eritrean to NIGERIA! Take Action NOW!


Miki Daskareen Ashiru is facing deportation from the UK to Nigeria this Thursday 12th November 2015 via Virgin Atlantic flight V5651 at 22:35hrs. Miki is Eritrean and has been in the UK since 1993. He lived in Nigeria before coming to the UK but after his father died he was smuggled out as his life was in danger and he had no family nor connection to the country. Miki never had any identification documents in Nigeria he was simply there because his father was working there.

The Nigerian High Commission came to visit Miki in Morton Hall immigration detention centre. Their representative said that while his first two names are clearly not Nigerian, his surname: Ashiru could be Nigerian. On this basis and with no other evidence of having lived or having any connection to Nigeria, emergency travel documents were issued. The representative accepted that she did not have any identification or record of Miki in Nigeria but said that his surname was enough evidence.

The reality is that Ashiru is NOT a Nigerian name it is a Muslim name. This means that given the logic used by the Nigerian High Commission basically Miki could be from any country that has a population of Muslims. We have spoken to Nigerian friends who have confirmed this.

If Miki is forcibly sent to Nigeria as the Home Office plan to do tomorrow he will be stuck in a country with no legal rights, no identification, no access to services, no means of travel or movement and no right to work. He will be stuck in a place that he has no connection to.

The Home Office have records of Miki’s history of torture. Most of his teeth have been pulled out, he has numerous bullet wounds on his right leg and scars on both ears. He has not been given an in country right of appeal meaning that his deportation and asylum reasons for not being able to go to Nigeria have not been put before a judge.

This situation is a case of mistaken identity and a clear illustration of the close relationship that exists between the Nigerian High Commission and UK Home Office. It has been speculated that the Nigerian High Commission are paid per travel document they issue for the purposes of deportation and evidence of this practice in Germany has been found. This complete disregard for individuals needs to end.

Miki cannot be removed to Nigeria as he is not Nigerian. He has been in the UK for 22 years and his life is here. The planned removal of Miki tomorrow night via Virgin Atlantic flight V5651 must be stopped.

Please take action now by calling Virgin Atlantic and explaining the situation to them. We are also calling on individuals to call the Nigerian High Commission in London in protest to their actions off issuing a travel document for a non-citizen and with no evidence.

When contacting Virgin Atlantic be sure to mention the flight number V5651, Miki Daskareen Ashiru’s full name and Home Office Reference: A1427175. The pilot of the aircraft has the legal power to refuse to carry any passenger and this is what we are asking Virgin Atlantic to use to ensure Miki is not removed to the wrong country. The airline can also be reminded that compliance with Home Office deportations may be profitable but not amount of profit is worth ruining individuals’ lives. We urge them to discontinue their compliance in the Home Office clear agenda of removing as many non-citizens as possible with no regard for where they are removed to and their well-being.

Reservations 0344 209 7777 – (Open 24/hours day)
Flight Information 0344 209 7770
Special assistance 0344 481 4455 – (Open Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm and bank holidays)

Virgin Headquarters 0344 8110 000

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virginatlantic/?fref=ts

Twitter: @VirginAtlantic

We are also calling on everyone to contact the Nigerian High Commission in protest to what they have done by issuing travel documents to Miki based on no evidence whatsoever. It is clear that they know what they are doing as they visit and call detention centres across the UK regularly and give travel documents to anyone they can. Detainees have reported simply saying ‘hello’ on the telephone was enough to have a travel document issued. Detainees have been calling for action against the Nigerian High Commission for years, we must respond to this call once and for all!

Recent news in the Nigerian Press has indicated that up to 29,000 Nigerians are planned to be forcibly removed from the UK. One piece suggests the High Commission will be opposing this. This cannot be believed given the recent actions of this body.

When contacting please explain the current situation and your opposition.






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