Help a father with his legal fees to stay in the UK!

Donate to help Lukeman with legal fees to lodge an immigration case based on his family & private life in the UK!


Lukeman has been in detention for the last 2 months and could be issued with ticket for a charter flight deportation to Nigeria anytime from now.

Unable to work, he does not have the necessary funds for legal representation, as family life claims are no longer covered by legal aid. This crowdfunder would help substantially towards being able to cover the fees.

He has lived in the UK for 9 years and has a British partner & 3 kids – aged 3, 5 & 8 – who he shares very close relationships with.

“One of my children has autism & hasn’t been stable since I have been in detention. Another child has recently been diagnosed with a severe medical condition and my partner is on anti-depressants. I am the primary carer of my children. Being in detention is tearing my family apart.”

Lukeman is a part of his local community in England, and is a radio DJ.

“I don’t understand how the Home Office can make me & my family suffer so much. I have never committed any crimes in the UK and they still want to deport me.”

Though Lukeman’s partner & children are British, the Home Office can still deny them their Article 8 rights to a family life by deporting him from the UK. The Home Office advises people in this situation to conduct their family relationships “…by telephone, email or other modern methods of long-distance communication such as Skype”.
Unfortunately it is an all too common story. Since Legal Aid has been cut for most immigration matters, people are left with few options and vulnerable to unscrupulous lawyers who charge devastatingly high fees. People are often penniless by the time they are forcibly removed from the UK.
Once people are detained in immigration removal centres, access to legal advice is even harder. In England you can only get a legal aid lawyer from the ‘legal aid surgery’ – a system in which contracted firms operate a rota. They have 10 slots for each surgery, which means they can see only a fraction of those detained when most are in need of urgent legal advice.
The cuts to legal aid in immigration cases were made as part of the government’s efforts to save money. However, the government spends a great deal on charter flights: around £5,000 per person removed. Corporate Watch discovered that the cost of deporting people on charter flights has risen, even as the number of people being deported falls.
*& If you are able to represent him in making an Article 8 claim please get in touch.