Glasgow resident at risk of FGM – help stop this forced removal!

A friend of Unity’s was detained in Glasgow on Friday and is being
held in Dungavel, set to be removed to Cameroon TOMORROW (29th March 2017).

Tabi has been in the UK since 2014. She has been detained before in
Yarls Wood Detention Centre, along with Dungavel – one of the UK’s 13
Immigration removal centres where people are locked up indefinitely just
because of their nationality.

Tabi first calimed asylum in February 2015. Her claim has been refused
by the Home Office, but her and her lawyer are working to sumbit new
evidence as part of a fresh claim. This means her case has NOT been
exhausted and she is still determined to prove that she cannot return to
Cameroon because she is at risk of persecution. If she is removed to
Cameroon she is at risk of Femal Genital Mutilation, and fears that she
will be killed by her family. FGM in Cameroon is said to affect 20% of
women in the country.

She lives in Glasgow with her parter and has a lot of friends here. She
is a member of the church and has a community here, she does not want to
leave Glasgow.

Tabi fears for her life and should not be made to fly!

Please call British Airways and Kenyan Airways to protest this forced
removal. This helpful briefing gives an idea of what to say:

Please quote Tabi’s full name (Tabi-Ndip Tambe), Date Of Birth (15 April 1989), Home Office Reference Number (T3014165), and flight number (see below) in all correspondence.

NB – Kenya Airways are particularly resistant to public pressure so we need to be particularly firm. Kenya Airways staff seem to have been specifically trained to continue with removals no matter what and it is clear that this is profit-driven. An airlines reputation is extremely important and Kenya Airways need to be reminded that with every deportation they comply with their reputation is damaged and future customers lost.

Tabi-Ndip Tambe is set to be removed on flight number BA1483 to London
Heathrow Terminal 5 at 12:10 on 29/03/2017 with British Airways,
connecting to KQ101 LHR – Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta with Kenya Airways at
18:25, connecting to flight number KQ522 NBO – Yaounde Nsimalen, also
with Kenya Airways at 11:50 on the 30/03/2017.

Kenya Airways

Emergency Airport Office: 020 8759 7366
General Office: 020 82831800
24HR Contact Center: +254 20 327 4747

UK site:


Email Contact Submission:

British Airways

Telephone: 0344 493 0787 option 3, followed by option 2
Monday – Friday



You could also contact the UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd
Tel: 020 7035 4848
Twitter: @amberruddhr

This really can make a difference and support is greatly appreciated.