Escaped from Dungavel – Freedom for Guxim!

Guxim, ne duam të ndihmojmë! Ne jemi miq që do të japim mbështetje, këshilla dhe të flasim për mundësitë e tua. Ne nuk do të bashkpunojmë me Home Office ose Policinë. Ne duam që ti të jesh i lirë dhe i sugurtë. Të lutem na telefono te Unity Centre ne 0141 427 7992.

We celebrate the escape of Guxim Imerio from Dungavel detention centre! We hope that Guxim will continue to evade capture by the police and immigration authorities and enjoy some kind of freedom and safety, wherever he manages to get to.

Guxim is in the news this morning because the police wish to capture him and punish him for his escape. Police Scotland are NOT interested in Guxim’s safety, they only wish to take him back to detention and to make an example of someone who has undermined Home Office authority.

Though they have deemed Guxim ‘not a threat’, Police Scotland have published Guxim’s photo and appear to be conducting a full, public hunt. Police Scotland have no business acting in this way, as an arm of the Home Office and of immigration enforcement. This is not a criminal matter.

We strongly urge anyone in the Strathaven area to either leave him be, or to offer help. We would love to hear from Guxim, to offer him support and ensure that he has proper legal advice in the event that he is captured, or that he is able to remain free.

We urge Police Scotland to take a moral stance and stop assisting the UK Home Office in enforcing their brutal immigration practises. Police Scotland have developed a cosy working relationship with the Brand Street Home Office, often readily assisting Home Office “Dawn Raids”, the practise of snatching people from their beds in the early hours of the morning for detention or removal.

Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre is Scotland’s immigration prison.
Immigration detention is unnecessary, expensive, and inhumane. Dungavel imprisons people at all stages of immigration processes, including while waiting for a decision on their asylum claim. Refugees can be put in detention just for entering the UK. Every year thousands of people who, according to the Home Office’s own rules, should not be detained – survivors of torture, people with severe mental health problems, children and women more than 6 months pregnant – are detained, some for many years. In the UK there is no limit to how long people can be detained for.

Anti Detention Campaigners are holding a Solidarity Noise Demonstration outside the walls of Dungavel on the 18th of November 2017. Join us in showing solidarity for all those in detention prisons. To find out more see: