Written by Richie, a friend of Rory’s and fellow detainee in Morton Hall:

Rory is still in the block (after more than a week) and still not
eating….how long can a person be placed in isolation in a detention
centre for that long? Surely there got to be some kind of law
prohibiting this kind of behaviour by prison officers. After all we
are supposed to be treated as civilians and not prisoners. It is still
not clear why he is being kept in the block. Even those who are
involved in fighting or those found in possession of banned items are
not kept that long in isolation. The official name for the Block is
CSU (care & separation unit), that’s an oxymoron, my friend is being
tortured there right now as we speak and I believe some thing should
be done about it. This is Great Britain! if this is tolerated, then it
can be argued, strongly in my view, the only thing that is separating
Great Britain and Nazi Germany is those gas chambers. Maybe those
words are a bit too strong, but the truth hurt. But that is how
strongly I feel about the injustice we are being subjected to. If you
think those words are strong; multiply that by a hundred fold; that’s
the strength of the pain we under. Being a foreigner does not make me
any less human…..I feel pain too. Indefinite detention is inhumane
therefore a Shame…..being isolated in a detention centre for more
than a week without food is tragic and criminal. knock-knock is anyone
listening? speak up for the voiceless you are our only voice …and
hope! #free_rory_feed_rory