Free Robert! Urgent Action Appeal

UntitledRobert Makutsa is due to be removed from the UK TOMORROW at 18.25 Wednesday 23rd
August. He faces removal to Kenya, where the UK Home Office claim he has family and connections. They say he can get in contact with his mother and this will allow him to reintegrate into life in Kenya. This is not only wrong but an offensive insult, as Robert lost his mother earlier this year, and has madethe Home Office aware of this. All other members of his immediate family have passed away or moved to other countries, mostly to the UK. This leaves him with no family ties, support network, or home in Kenya.

Robert has lived in the UK for more than 7 years and his whole family are here. His older sister, who had guardianship of him as a child and acted as his mother, his other sister, and his nieces, to whom he is the main father figure. His partner and her family also face having him torn away.

Robert has completed studies in Glasgow, and has an offer of work from an employer. Due to an administrative error his work visa was refused, and the Home Office then refused his right to stay based on having a life in the UK. The employer is still willing and ready to sponsor Robert’s visa but they are not being allowed time to make the application. This threatens to wreck not only his life, but the lives of his sisters, nieces and his partner (pictured). Robert and Chloe have been together for over a year and want the same chance as any other couple of build a life together in their home country. Chloe, her family, Robert’s family and wide circle of friends, and his church where he is a well known and loved figure, have all begged the Home Office to do the right thing. So far they have been ignored.

Robert’s removal is yet another example of the Home Office’s racist policy of removing those who cannot satisfy the paperwork to be ‘British’ enough, despite having as many ties, if not more, to the UK than many British passport holders. His case has been ‘certified’ under the highly controversial new laws that allow him no right of appeal within the UK but in theory an ‘out of country’ right to appeal. In reality, all evidence points to out of country appeals not giving fair access to justice, and prohibiting cases from being heard due to expense or logistics rather than merit.

Meanwhile Robert would be lost in Kenya, now a strange country to him, that he left after his childhood, when he was living on the charity of his local church as he had no support network. Please act now to persuade the Home Office to stop this racist, and unfair removal and allow Robert to remain in his home.

His flight is set for TOMORROW at 6.25pm on flight no KQ101 From Heathrow with Kenya Airways
Take action now! Please quote Robert’s Home Office Reference M1416739 and flight no KQ101 in all correspondence.
Contact Kenya Airways- Ask that they refuse to fly Robert. The airline and the pilot do have decision making power on this.
Tel : +44 20 82831800
Twitter: @kenyaairwaysGB

Contact the UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd
Tel: 020 7035 4848
Twitter: @amberruddhr