Emergency Vigil @ Home Office in Glasgow; Monday 11th September, 4:30pm

The Home Office have finally confirmed that a Polish man, has died on the 7th September after his life support was switched of after a suicide attempt on the 3rd of September.

SOAS Detainee Visitors Group have been in touch with detainees in Harmondsworth since it happened and have been pushing the Home Office to confirm, wrote this statement.

The Unity Centre is calling for a Vigil outside the Home Office on Monday 11th September at 4.30pm so that the Home Office workers can see us as they leave work. And we call on people to do the same in other places around the UK.

Immigration Detention is disgusting, it is abusive, and it kills. The problem is bigger than individual staff members of detention centres. It is systemic. It is G4S itself, it is all the companies; Tascor, Serco, Mitie, the Geo Group, Carlson Wagonlight that profit from Immigration Detention, Removals and Deportation. It is the Home Office who think that freedom is expendable for anyone who is not British.

We are not calling for reform, we are not calling for a limit. Detention has to stop. Detention Kills.

We will gather to remember this man and all those who have died in Immigration Detention. Please make and bring banners. Please spread widely.