Don’t Remove Amish!

Don’t remove Amish!

Amish Patel, A friend of Unity who is a Indian national for fear of violence and retribution, has a ticket for forced removal on a flight today: Jet Airways no 9W117 from Heathrow to Mumbai at 21.05 pm.

He faces violence and danger of death if returned to India, he fears for his life upon his forced return to India. Amish is extremely distressed about the possibility of being forced to return.

He has been detained for months, currently in Harmondsworth detention center.

We are asking anyone who can to contact the airlines, home office and MPS to ask that the flight does not take our friend to India against his will tonight.

To call the airlines:
Jet Airways:
customer services: 0808 101 1199
* you can be anyone to call and say that Jet should not participate in forced removals!
* quote flight no. Jet 9W117on 2nd of February

* a lot of public attention could help stop the removal

Heathrow airport: 0844 335 1801
tweet: @heathrowairport

Home Secretary: