The second death in UK detention centres in a week, yesterday (06/12/16) a man died who had been detained for 2 years, having lived in the UK for 27 years.

Although detention is described by the Home Office as a place in which people awaiting removal are to be held for the shortest possible time, the death of this man highlights once again how untrue this contention is. The man who died had no viable way to be removed from the UK and had not been issued with travel documents during the whole 2 years he was in detention, yet he continued to be detained until his death.

According to detainees also held in Morton Hall detention centre, the man fell sick on Monday, and was kept in his room by staff – who said they would return – for over 3 hours until they finally called for an ambulance which took him to the hospital, where he died.

The Home Office are allegedly saying that he died of “natural causes” – the same Home Office who said that Jimmy Mubenga had simply been “taken ill” on the plane and died – leaving it to passengers who came forward with testimonies of what actually happened, as 2 G4S guards restrained him until he couldn’t breathe anymore and died.

Detainees report that the Home Office signed the man’s release papers whilst the man was in hospital, heavily suggesting that the Home Office wanted to release the man from their responsibility before he would die, in an attempt to avoid the accusation of a second death in detention within one week.


Detainees in Morton Hall said that he was a nice guy, who spent a lot of time helping other people with their cases in detention and was the first to offer support to other people who were detained.

Those who have contacted us from detention have asked us to inform the media and spread this information. They are angry at the unjust detention that doesn’t have a time limit in the UK, the aggressive and inhumane treatment by guards, and the lack of medical and healthcare access in detention.

We can be reached on 0141 427 7992.


Detainees at Morton Hall are speaking out via Detained Voices about the death of their friend:

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