Charter Flight to Pakistan on 29th November

There is a Charter Flight scheduled to remove people to Pakistan on Tuesday the 29th of November at 22.30pm.

Charter Flights are the mass removal or deportation of multiple people from the same countries at the same time, by privately charting an airplane, instead of booking people individual tickets on commercial flights.

At the Unity Centre, we are in touch with a few people on this flight, all of them have legal grounds open to them to challenge their removal. However, they will face the added stress of trying to make their legal challenges in the chaos of many other people trying to do the same thing at the same time. And potentially also having to actually do more to get their tickets canceled than they would have done if they were being removed on a commercial flight.

If they do manage to get their tickets canceled, it is a bittersweet victory, as one of the many people on the Home Office’s ‘Reserve List’, will undoubtedly take their place.
Based on previous charter flights we have good reason to believe that the airline of the charter flight is Titan Airways.
See here for info on how to phone an airline

Tel:01279 680616 (24 hour)


If you know anyone who is on the Charter Flight to Pakistan who has an Out of Country Appeal, then please contact Roots To Return, who are focusing on supporting people with this process.

The Unity Centre