Charter Flight to Nigeria + Ghana set for January 31st (2018)

Unity can confirm that a charter flight will deport people en masse to Nigeria and Ghana this Wednesday 31st January 2018. A year ago today, the same abuse of power was happening. See post here

This time, at least 5 friends of The Unity Centre are affected, one of whom has an outstanding Human Rights application. This makes his current detention and removal by charter flight, totally unlawful. Another friend has lived in the UK since he was a child. People have families and lives here and are being torn from them. These are just some examples of the Home Office’s dirty tricks.

Many people who have previously been released from detention are being arbitrarily re-detained and are now facing forced removal. We have seen that this is because the Home Office books the flights and rounds up as many people of a certain nationality in order to fill that flight.

The force used whilst removing people has been deadly. Independent observers have condemned them. Charter flights are inhuman and degrading. People are treated like animals.

Please spread the word among affected communities.

Last March 2017, activists grounded a similar charter flight bound for Nigeria and Ghana. Unity supports all resistance against charter flights, in whatever form. Read about ways to fight charter flights here.

If you are in detention and would like the support of Unity, please contact us on 0141 427 7992 or
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