The Unity Centre understands that there is to be a charter flight to Jamaica imminently. We have seen paperwork that states Jamaican nationals are to be forcibly removed via a specially chartered plane any time after 5PM in the 14th of November, and before 5PM on the 28th of November. Notifying people of this window is now an inhumane and common practice of the Home Office, meaning legal and practical challenges cannot easily be made to peoples removal. Further to this we have seen that the effect of awaiting forced removal on an undisclosed date is devastating to detainees’ mental health. We have observed patterns over many years and suspect that the flight will depart on the evening of the 14th. We understand that since the Stanstead action, flights have been leaving from a military base in an undisclosed location. We urge people to share this information especially among people in the Jamaican community. Anyone who wants to contact The Unity Centre should do so on our media address We will continue to post updates.