British Airways set to Assist in Removal of LGBT asylum seeker Tomorrow- Please help!

Please act now to prevent the forced removal of our friend Glenda Hevita to Namibia. Glenda has lived in the UK since October last year and since then has made friends and a life for herself here in Scotland. Glenda has also become an essential part of her local community in Glasgow, particularly in supporting other LGBT people and in local education projects.

Glenda does not feel that she would be safe in Namibia and was persecuted because of her sexuality before coming to the UK.

Glenda has given so much to the networks of support and solidarity that she has been involved in since coming to Glasgow. There was a huge amount of mobilising amongst her friends here in Glasgow when she was detained by the Home Office.

Both British Airways and Qatar Airways are assisting in her removal tomorrow. British Airways were the sponsors of the Brighton Pride March this year. How can they claim to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and then assist in the removal of LGBTQ+ people back to countries where they face persecution?

Please contact British Airways to say that they cannot continue with this hypocrisy and they should not be complicit in Glenda’s removal tomorrow.

We believe that with enough pressure, this removal can be stopped. Even if British Airways don’t recognise the hypocrisy of their actions, then the pilot can still decide that they do not want to be complicit and if that happens, Glenda will not leave on this flight.

Public pressure and attention is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against forced removal, so please also share your actions across all forms of social media.  


To call the airlines:
British Airways:
customer services: 0344 493 0787
* you can be anyone to call and say that BA should not participate in forced removals!
* quote flight no. BA1479 on 29th September
tweet: @British_Airways.
* a lot of public attention could help stop the removal

Qatar airways:

customer services: 0330 024 0125

  • you can be anyone to call and say that Qatar Airways should not participate in forced removals!
  • quote flight no. QR8 and QR1373

    on 13th June

tweet: @qatarairways

While you are here, sign the following petition putting pressure on British Airways to stop being involved in the forced removal or deportation of ANYONE from the UK: