Action Needed to Oppose Titan Airways Charter Flight from London Stansted

A detainee has informed us that the charter flight leaving for Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone tonight at 22:30hrs will be departing from London Stansted.

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We call on everyone to make urgent contact with the airport and the presumes airline throughout the afternoon, evening and night to show opposition to this practice. Herding individuals from these hand picked countries onto huge planes for mass deportations every month needs to stop. Many individuals have ongoing immigration cases, many cannot afford to pay the huge legal fees to regularise their stay and most have families, children, partners and strong ties to the UK. For this current flight there have been reports of individuals who were born in the UK being given this removal, individuals with disputed nationalities and severe health conditions. This has been enabled by a very suspect agreement between the Nigerian High Commission and the UK Home Office regarding issuing travel documents without following the procedures they themselves outline – see

Previously such urgent action was not possible because there was no information about where the chartered flights left from and by which company. Due to ongoing opposition and support from journalists and detainees we now have a very good idea regarding those bodies complying with this mass expulsion.

Contact details for London Stansted and Titan Airways below – see also updated Press Release for more information copied below.


Switchboard: 0844 335 1803

Media: Tel: +44 (0)1279 680534

Immigration: 0870 606 7766

Airport Feedback Form:


Twitter: @StanstedLondon

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Air Charter Enquiries: +44 (0) 1279 680616
Banjul Flight Enquiries: +44 (0) 1489 866939
Ski Flight Enquiries: +44 (0) 1279 669607


Tel: 01279 680616 (24 hour)

Fax: 01279 680110 (24 hour)

Contact Form:


Twitter: Titan_Airways


SOLIDARITY Lets STOP Charter Flights once and for all!!!

Unity x


PRESS RELEASE – Secret Charter Flight to leave from London Stansted Airport in dead of night…
Press release update 24th November 1pm – Confirmed that tonight’s charter flight to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone to leave from London Stansted Airport – activists call for action.

The Unity Centre are calling in all supporters to take immediate action to show opposition to tonight’s planned charter flight. Confirmation from an immigration officer means that It is now certain that the flight will be leaving from London Stansted Airport at 22:30hrs.On the basis of previous charter flight reports from London Stansted it is assumed the company operating this flight is Titan Airways ( Activists and detainees feel it imperative to make sure this profit oriented company understands that there is strong opposition to the racist immigration policies they are enabling to be enacted through operating charter flights. The images of bus loads of black men and women being herded onto an aeroplane in secret in the middle of the night says it all Not: to use images permission needs to be granted from
When charter flights are used there is a list of ‘reserves’ who will be put in the flight of others manage to take legal action to be removed from the charter or are too unwell to fly. This practice means that individuals may be on the flight unlawfully due to having ongoing claims and/or legal avenues to pursue. There are a number of individuals whose nationality is disputed who are likely to be sent to Nigeria tonight. Furthermore, putting in a Judicial Review is normally enough to ensure someone is not on a flight, however, the Home Office has introduced a policy whereby this does not stand is removal is set via charter. This means that where errors in law have been made by the Home Office, courts or through proceedings charter flights enable these errors to be overlooked. There are a number of individuals who have claimed asylum and have not yet gone through the asylum process who have not yet received confirmation they are no longer set to be removed. If they are put on the flight this will be a completely unlawful act the the UK Home Office.
Titan Airways are knowingly allowing over 100 individuals to be herded into their privately charted planes with escorts against their will and with limited legal avenues to pursue. Many deportees will be tied up in restraint belts that fasten around their chests and waists holding their arms by their sides as used in previous charters in an excessive manner – One detainee states ‘ it’s about 90 per cent of us that don’t want to go, the other 10 per cent don’t want to go either but they are tired of being humiliated so they say they are ready.’ All individuals on this flight will have a ban of up to ten years regarding re-entry to the UK.
There are serious concerns deportees may be sedated, following recent actions confirmed by one detainee who was beaten up by seven guards, put into the waist restraint belt mentioned above, force fed a sedative and twenty minutes later taken to the emergency room. His official complaint has not yet been investigated. Details here:
Men and women forced into Titan Airways flights are leaving behind children, husbands and wives and many have been in the UK since they were young children. Some deportees were even born in the UK and the others have no connection to the country where they are being sent! Charter flights enable individuals with extremely convincing reasons for being in the UK to be removed en mass with very few questions being asked. Miki, an Eritrean national was set to be on this charter flight after being given travel for Nigeria by the Nigerian High Commission. His lawyer has managed to ensure that he is not on tonights charter and other attempted removal flights through last minute legal action which was not covered by legal aid, others are not so lucky to have solicitors that will work pro bono. See –
Reports from inside the detention centres Harmondsworth IRC, Colnbrook IRC, Tinsley House, Brookhouse IRC and

Yarlswood IRC are that all those set to be on the charter have been placed in the induction wings since yesterday including those on the reserve lists. Detainees and Colnbrook and Brookhouse have all been locked in their rooms and told to prepare their belongings. Lawyers trying to take urgent action are running out of time, some need documents to proceed that cannot be accessed now that detainees are locked up.

Previous Press Release regarding this flight including individual stories found here: