Jainaba Njie Jobe, DOB: 05/02/1978, has a ticket for forced removal on Royal Air Maroc flight AT801 from Heathrow Terminal 2 to Casablanca at 1810hours connecting with AT579 to Banjul, Gambia at 2150hours on the 19 August 2017.

This is the second attempt by the Home Office to remove Jainaba, the first attempt was on the 21 June 2017. She is currently being held at Yarlswood detention centre for women for almost 3 months. Jainaba was held in Dungavel detention centre for weeks before she was moved to Yarslwood.

She arrived in the UK in 2012 for her son’s medical operation who then passed away in the same year. She claimed asylum after her son’s death because her ex-husband’s family blamed her for her son’s death, accused her of witchcraft and to persecute her upon return to Gambia.

Her asylum claim was later refused in 2015. She is in the process of putting in a fresh claim but the Home Office is trying to remove her before this could be made. Jainaba attempted to commit suicide whilst in detention last month.

Her local MP has written to the Home Office but the Minister of State for Immigration has replied saying they are currently satisfied that removal is still a suitable course of action and that appropriate steps will be taken since her attempt to commit suicide, this includes making sure that someone with relevant medical training to accompany her on the flight.

Jainaba has lived in the UK for the past 5 years, has a life here and in a relationship with a British citizen. The Home Office is completely aware of their plan to get married and the persecution she will face in Gambia but still trying to forcibly remove her against her will.

Please phone the airline and make sure they do not let this happen and help us stop the Home Office from ruining the life of a vulnerable woman who needs protection and has a better future in the UK.

Royal Air Maroc
UK Reservations contact: 020 730 758 00
Email: callcenter@royalairmaroc.com

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