Can you spare an hour or two to make a new friend?

volunteering.jpgWe’ve been asked to to help someone who is housebound in Springburn. He’s a 40 year old man originally from Guinea who is a wheelchair user and cannot get out without a lot of difficulty.

He’s desperate for company and for someone to talk to so he can practise his English. It wouldn’t have to be during the day and would be for one or two times a week – longer if you wish.

The person who asked us to help said: “He is a delightful, gentle, friendly man and this would be so good for him.”

Ideally we are looking for someone with a TEFL qualification who would be happy to spend one or two evenings visiting this man. If you can help – please contact us at the Unity Centre. Many thanks!

If you would be interested in befriending other asylum seekers in Glasgow in a similar way please get in touch.